Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. This site contains a few of the programs I have for the Mac. Some of these programs were originally written for a specific target audience, but they are provided here in the hope that they find other users.

Are you a REALbasic developer? Have a look at my CompfacePlugin for decoding X-Faces. Can't afford CodeWarrior, but still want to write RB plug-ins? Check out my kit for building REALbasic plug-ins with MPW.

Cocoa developers might be interested in PRExtensions, a (small!) collection of general purpose extensions to Cocoa. At the moment, this only includes utilities to facilitate the handling of key events in NSTableViews, and to help with NSThreads. I plan to add more code when I have got around to writing better documentation.

The software at this site is freeware; please let me know if you find any of it useful. Bug reports, comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

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