Here's a quick list of all the things available for download from this site, collected into a single handy page.

File Size Version Date Format
[*] RB-MPW Plug-ins Kit 65 kB 1.1b3 15th January 2003 Stuffit
[*] RB-MPW Manual 34 kB 1.1b3 15th January 2003 PDF
[*] CompfacePlugin 43 kB 1.0b3 14th January 2003 Stuffit
[*] RiaPlot 124 kB 1.7b Stuffit
[*] LabRats 184 kB 0.5b4 Stuffit
[*] PRExtensions 5 kB 0.1b1 25th April 2003 Stuffit


This Mac software is freeware, so you may it freely, but they are copyright © by Peter Robinson. Please let me know if you find it useful. I would be very glad to hear any comments, bug reports and suggestions you might have.

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