ReportWriter is a little program I wrote between 1995 and 1997 to help primary school teachers to write end of year reports for their children.

At the time, my mother was a teacher at Templewood School, England. The school was using an expensive system under which they paid a company to print out their reports. The teachers received forms containing stock phrases, which they chose by ticking boxes.

This system was supposed to save time for the teachers, but it had several disadvantages. Since the teachers couldn't read through the reports while they were being written, mistakes were common. These mistakes were costly to fix, both in terms of time and money, because the company charged for alterations. Furthermore, the system was very inflexible and the reports produced did not read well, because the teachers had no control over their wording.

I saw an opportunity to replace this system with a simple program. ReportWriter has the advantage of being able to choose from stock phrase, but the flexibility of allowing the reports to be edited by hand on screen.

Like all my programs, ReportWriter only runs on a Mac. If you're interested, email me.

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